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Collectif 404

Design Student Organization

The Collectif 404 is a student organization we created in 2017, forming little events about Design.


The AfterDesigns offered by Collectif 404 (Facebook Page) are mini-conferences and monthly discussions around design. Some diverse speakers would propose their topics of discussion. AfterDesigns are an opportunity to share a topic in a short format (~ 10 minutes). This is the opportunity to introduce a topic to other designers / students, present a project, but also to meet other students.


On June 19, 2018, the Design Factory of L’Ecole de Design opened its doors to host a special event: a Hackacon. Mocking Hackathons (a contraction of Hacker and Marathon), a Hackacon challenges teams to quickly produce very seriously innovative but stupid bullshit projects. The organized Hackacon was inspired by the concept put in place by Bastien Kerspern and Camille Azam and here is an article about it.

Innovations Produced in the Hackacon contest :

1. A foot dedicated therapy to enhance your self-esteem

2. A Connected Toilet Window to Analyze your health quality

3. A Digital Bracelet to challenge/torture your Students