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a Hackathon Challenge to create an customer-care bot

Emobot is a customer-care bot reacting to human emotions with colorful and animated feedbacks to create a climate of trust with the user. It was built during the AI HACK DT, a 2-day hackathon organized by Deustche Telekom in Berlin.

User Psychological Analysis

«  We tend to be more confident when we reach out to real people because we know that they understand our emotions and how to react to them. Bots behaving almost but not exactly like real human beings can be confusing for the user. (cf: Theory of Uncanny Valley ).

We needed to find a balance. Rather than declaring anthropomorphism, the bot could just suggest it with colors. »

- Valentine Milliand

Workflow : Quick and Dirty ?

During this hackathon, we worked within a multidisciplinary and international team (Project Manager, Software Architect and Software Engineer), combining our mutual skills to offer an answer to the emotional problematic of the AI.

After brainstorming and identifying major interactions, I was able to design the experience, develop front end, and to prepare the pitch with my lovely team mate Valentine, who also was in charge of the animations of the bot. We described our experience in an article.