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Souvenhear - Bachelor Project

A Mobile App to travel thanks to sound

Souvenhear is a travel story platform. It allows users looking for authenticity to discover unusual places through the sound rather than through the image.

Research Process

Two trends inspired me for this project : travelers looking for alternatives to mass tourism, and the Sound, a new support for IHM interactions.

While social networks importance is increasing, the Sound is full of perspectives for designers. Saying « I illustrate a memory by recording a Sound rather than using a keyboard, or an image » has for me an impact significantly new.

The concept of Souvenhear is a complement of already existing applications relying mainly on the visual aspect (Instagram, Trip Advisor), to offer a different experience to users looking for authenticity.


During the trip preparation, Souvenhear would allow users to explore and react to other users' recordings, thanks to a mapped main visualization completed by filters.

In mobility, the app offers a wide range of features to allow users to manage their travel memories.

Discover the memories near you, visit them, pin them, or ask any question to the traveler who posted them !

Souvenhear could also allow users to follow their road trip friends, but also to (re) live their own memories.